Install Instructions for Pathfinder Imagefinder

You can install this Java Applet on your local computer for faster access. Additionally, you can use your own copies of the 3 Pathfinder CD-ROMs from NASA.
You can order copies of these CD-ROMs at the National Space Science Data Center.
The 3 CD set of Mars Pathfinder Lander Raw Images is $30.

Installation on local disk

This instruction is given for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, but you can install it on any Operation System with support for Java 1.1 if you make minor changes to the Pathnames of this example. If you have copies of the 3 Pathfinder CD-ROMs go to A),
if you want to use the image data over the Internet go to B).

A) with local copies of Image CD-ROMs

Make sure, you have about 400 MBytes free space on the harddisk.
Then copy all .gif-Files with their complete paths from the three CD-ROMs to harddisk with the following commands in the DOS-Window (CD-Drive is d:\ in this example):
To start the Applet, double click on c:\imgfinder\local.html.
You can also use the faster Java-Plugin to run it. Then use the file c:\imgfinder\local2.html to start it. If you have no Java-Plugin installed you will be prompted for an install process by this file.

B) using Image data from NASA over the Internet

For this option you need the Java-Plugin!
Download and install it via this link.

To start the Applet, double click on c:\imgfinder\nasa.html

Setting Security Permissions for the local Applet

For both installation options, you need to edit the security options for the Applet.
The installation process for this option will be a lot easier in a few days, when the Applet will be signed.

Add the following lines to your .java.policy file:

grant {
  permission "", "connect, resolve";
  permission "c:\tmp\-", "write,delete";
You can find the location of .java.policy via the File Search Function in the Start-Menu. It should be at the following locations, if your user-name is joe:
Note, that you cannot create this file via the Windows-Explorer, so you need to start the MS-DOS Command Prompt and type edit c:\windows\.java.policy (or similar).

Required Java System

You need Java 1.1 which is supported in most Internet Browsers like Netscape Navigator 4.08 or better, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, Sun Hotjava and Sun JDK Appletviewer 1.1 or 1.2. On Apple Macintosh you need MacOS 9 with the MRJ Software from this location.

If you need help with installation or starting the Applet, write me an email: web (at)

Holger Isenberg
web (at)