III. Vana Parva
Section XXII.

[Krishna (Arjuna) speaks ...]
I fixed on my bowstring my favorite weapon of fine blazing and of celestial origin, of irresistable force, and incapable of being baffled, bursting with energy, capable of penetrating into everything, and of great splendor! And saying - "Destroy the car of precious metals together with all those enemies that are in it", - I launched with the might of my arms and in wrath with mantras, the great powerful discus Sudarcana, [...] sharp-edged like the razor, and without stain, [...] and rising into the sky, it seemed like a second sun of exceeding effulgance at the end of the Yuga. And approaching the town of Caubha the discus went right through it, even as as saw divide a tall tree. And cut in twain by the energy of the Sudarcana it fell like the city of Tripura shaken by the shafts of Malecwara. And after the town of Saubha had fallen, the discus came back into my hands. And taking it up, I once more hurled it with force saying - "Go then into Calwa" - The discus then cleft Calwa in twain who in that fierce conflict was at the point of hurling a heavy mace. And with its it energy set the foe ablaze. [...]


The Mahabharata
translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli
published by Pratap Chandra Roy
Calcutta 1886-1890