III. Vana Parva
Section CVII.

"Lomaca said. -- 'O most righteous of kings ! When he heard these words (proceeding) from the sky, he had faith therein, and did all that he was directed to do, O chief of the men of Bharata's race ! Then the ruler of men took seperately each one of the seeds and then placed these divisions (of the gourd) in vessels filled with clarified butter. And intent on the preservation of his sons, he provided a nurse for every (receptacle). Then after a long time there arose sixty thousand exceedingly powerful sons of that same king -- gifted with unmeasured strength. They were born, O ruler of earth ! to that saint-like king, by Rudra's favor. And they were terrible ; and their acts were ruthless. And they were able to ascend and roam about in the sky ; and being numerous themselves, despised every body, including the gods. And they would chase even the gods, the Gandharvas, and the Rakshasas and all the born beings, being themselves valiant and addicted to fight. Then all people harassed by the dull headed sons of Sagara, united with all the gods went to Brahma as their refuge. And them addressed the blessed grandfather of all beings (Brahma), -- Go ye your way, ye gods, together with all these men. In a not very long space of time, there will come about, O gods ! a great and exceedingly terrible destruction of Sagara's sons, caused by the deed perpetrated by them . -- Thus addressed those same gods, and men, O lord of the sons of Manu ! bade adieu to the grandfather, and went back to whence they had come. [...]


The Mahabharata
translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli
published by Pratap Chandra Roy
Calcutta 1886-1890