Secret Chambers in the Great Pyramid?

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April 10. 2000
I got the book! However, McCarty did not write much about the reason for his assumption. Pages 301-302 from The Great Pyramid Jeezeh:

[...] The author does believe that many of the fixed stars are inhabited; and further (which will be possible to prove) that the Great Pyramid Jeezeh contains at least three more chambers, located between the King's Chamber and the apex and at least one with double the capacity of the latter.   And we will now suggest their location.   After the Queen's Chamber on the 25th layer of stone; and the King's Chamber at the 50th layer; we would place the next larger chamber on the 75th layer, and the very largest hall, or chamber on the 100th layer of masonry.   This chamber should equal in capacity the other three below it.   The final, or fifth chamber on the 120th course of masonry; and its size should be just one-half that of the King's Chamber.   A further explanation of the above will appear in our closing chapter.   [...]

More from the book later.

March 31. 2000

Was the "Gantenbrink-Door" already known in 1907?

Louis P.McCarty mentioned in his book "The great Pyramid Jeezeh" (privat print, San Francisco, 1907) that from his point of view at least three other chambers are located in the Pyramid, between the King's Chamber and the top. One of them might be the double size of the King's Chamber. He supposed them in the 75., 100. and 120. stone layer.
[Peter Tompkins: Cheops, translated from German edition, 1979, p.267]

In the year 1993, the German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink made a sensational discovery: The lower southern shaft, originating in the "queen chamber", is blocked by a polished stone with copper-fittings in the 74. stone layer! Read more about this in Im Schatten der Pyramiden, 1997, by Torsten Sasse and Michael Haase, p.131, or on Gantenbrinks website

Another anomaly, that doesn't appear in the three other shafts was made in the upper southern shaft: several small nishes in same height as the 100. stone layer. How could McCarty knew about this 3 vertical locations, where finally 2 show physical hints for secrete chambers and to the 3rd are als hints visible?

Maybe next week (March 2000), we will know more, when the Ambilac-Corporation will update their website about this topic! The members of this group are in contact with Peter Tompkins and also with the authors of The Stargate Conspiracy, who wrote about The Council of Nine. It is supposed, that McCarty's knowledge could be originated from this group.

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Holger Isenberg

20.Feb 2000