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The First Rediscovery, 1864

In the year 1864, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Charles Piazzi Smyth published in his work Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid the first rediscovery about encoding of precise geographical knowledge in the pyramid.

If it was he, who made the original discovery, or his contemporary Joseph Seiss or John Taylor, is not known anymore, in any case, the map on the left, Plate XX from above mentioned book, shows Lower Egypt in the Geographical Center of all land surface of Earth.

In explanation of the term Geographical Center, the following thought experiment:

The world population were evenly distributed over all land surface of Earth and every person can get nonstop with a one-man aircraft to any location on the surface. Now, the optimal position for a very large football stadium is searched, with capacity for all people on Earth. As selection criteria is used only an as small as possible travel distance for the audience. Seen altogether, the average travel distance to the stadium location is to be minimized. The Geographical Center is the location for which this distance is at minimum.

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