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Candor City, Mars
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Candor City
Mars, 6°S 72.5°W

Overview of original frame:

MOC AB1-4205, (alt. source)
center: 5.95°S, 72.53°W
yellow region in raw data

These Martian Mysteries between Ophir and Candor Chasma, discovered April 30 1999, stand out from the surroundings as shown with the large context frame on the lower left. With the Sun low above the horizon and the oblique view of the camera the surface features are well defined. The location at the base of an alluvial fan and the shapes remind of this discovery in Hebes Chasma on MOC AB1-3506, which was the reason for scanning this region for similar features.

The image could have been shot on Earth and showing ruins of Mayan buildings in central America as shape and size of each object is comparable with widths of 40 to 200m and heights of 10 to 100m.

Without contrast enhancement:
Upper right corner:

A detailed image of an
central American Step Pyramid
wouldn't be distinguishable.
Chichen Itza:

Quelle: J.Q.Jacobs

Rounded corners and rectangular superstructure
at the Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal:

Edges enhanced:


Teotihuacan, Photo: J.Q.Jacobs

El Caracol in Chichen Itza
Photos: J.Q.Jacobs

Chichen Itza

Copan, Source: V.Murphy

All raw MOC images courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS)

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Holger Isenberg, 1999
[email protected]