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Original: 1P131479514EFF0534P2536L5M1 (L4, L5, L6)

Enlarged, sharpened from left image.
Blueberries was the name given by the JPL-engineers to these 5mm large spherules when they appeared for the first time on images sent by Opportunity. On the next press conference this was corrected by the Science Directory, who declared the color to be not blue, as he emphasized, but grey or red.
Besides the color, there is something else interesting about these spherules. As private NASA-independant researchers published on alt.sci.planetary, the Cydonia Mailinglist and the UFO UpDates Mailinglist, some of these spherules are "growing" on stems and thereby resembling mushrooms!

Original: 1M131212854EFF0500P2959M2M1

For 3d-view with redgreen-glasses click on image.
Original: 1P129617173EFF0322P2260R1M1
With the rock abrasion tool on the rover's robotic arm, some of the spherules embedded in the sulphur abundant bright rocks has been cut in half. The arrow on the left picture is pointing to the attached stem of a halved spherule.

This page is updated soon when new detailed images arrive.

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Source of original data: NASA/JPL MER Raw Image Archive

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