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NOAA's Flood

How does the center change with rising sea level?

The results are surprising, as can be seen in the animation on the left, with a continuous movement of the center in a curve torwards Giza and with further increase in a straight line bearing south. The animation illustrates, with a steprate of 10 meters, the rise of the oceans from todays level up to 300 meters above.

At a sea level of 178 meters above today, the center is located, within a raster resolution of 3.7km, at 300'0"N 3110'0"E, only 2km away from the pyramid!

One mystery seems to be solved, the pyramid is actually located under certain conditions in the geographical center of all land surface of Earth. Now a new mystery yields with the 178 meters higher sea level, which was according to classic geology at that level at last millions of years ago.

Incidentally, the elevation level 178 meters then correlates directly with one of the three pyramids at Giseh...

With declining sea level, the center arrives with -300 meters at 46N 38E.

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last modified: 10/19/2003
published on: 10/19/2003