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The Eastern Mediterranean Region during the deluge

In this relief elevation map, the flooded areas during a 178 meters raised sea level, are colored dark blue. Giza is located in the center of the white square, only a few kilometers away from the new coastline.

Remarkable are the relative small changes of the coastlines in the area of todays Greece, Turkey and Italy. In the area of todays Iraq, the ancient settlement area Mesopotamia is completely flooded. Even today, the traces of the flood are visible as some meters thick dried mud layers above the historic ruins.

The source for a flood of that dimensions is still unknown. Estimations result in a 80 meters increased sea level, if the antarctic ice will melt. The remaining ice deposits in other areas of Earth will only add another 5 meters.

The map is based on ETOPO2.

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last modified: 10/19/2003
published on: 10/19/2003